Sunday, October 18, 2015

Life of a Trader-1

Search for peace!

After a long hiatus Unplugger is back! Life post MBA has been busy on both personal and professional fronts. Almost all of my friends were in this settle down phase. I joined this commodity trading firm looking for quick and big money. So much fancy it looks from outside but equally stressful and painful it is from within.

After four years in this field and working in different offices across the globe am still looking for that peace. Such peace is long lunches with colleagues which end up in dinners, movies on weekdays, having conf  calls with my wolf pack, a basketball session @ my club, taking my family for a long trip, in short, moving life with ease.

But the clock starts in India @ 6:30 am which means Chinese traders start warming their seats @ their 9 am. This trading world is hungry not for food, not for love, not for friends but only and only for early information. I somehow manage to get up sacrificing my last one hour priceless sleep which I tagged a value by hitting this line. Few calls to my Chinese and Malaysian counterparts and brokers, then you are filled with all Chin Chang Chong stuff happening on the east side of the world.

This is the time for taking my Ipad to loo while skimming thru market openings and placing orders to brokers. Many of them are used to hear my flushes.

6:45 am: good morning call from boss ( did u make money yday call) where you get all the gyan on how to make money today. I sometimes think this guy assumes trading is simply playing candy crush level 1.

I start my morning routine with eyes almost on Bloomberg screens which have become an integral part of my body nowadays. Market openings are few things which you can't afford to miss after your anniversaries. Here are few of them to get you a feel of timeline of a commodity derivatives trader::

Below are a few market opening timings in IST

6:30 am     China
8: am         Malaysia
9 am          India stocks
10 am        Indian commodities
12:30 pm   Europe

And mother of all, US runs except from 12 am to 5:30 am

I have my team spread across the time zones  which works all around from 5:30 am to 1 am IST. That means you could expect calls throughout the day except when you sleep(thanks to overlap of all mkt close with my sleep). It does take a toll on your personal and social life. I did lose a lot in the process which I honestly don't know, is worth it?

Life has been tied to clock which almost gives negligible flexibility in making plans in life on weekdays. When someone asks you to stay for five more mins and you look @ your watch. You have to be shameless in saying 'no', no matter how strong is the urge to stay back. I sometimes feel how helpless I have become. Vellapanti is obsolete. Bakar is history. I miss both of them as they were my majors in MBA.

Then comes the theory of ultimate trade off. 'Future Pleasure vs Current Slog' which I constantly keep on telling myself. The best part of this job is you have a feel of where the world economy is going and how it can shape up in future. It does help me in planning investments a lot. You also get to meet the top notches of all the big firms and attend all the conferences at all the exotic places. Life does shift into forward gears fast.

Salary is not this job for. You don't have to wait for year end for your appraisal. It happens each day, right in your face when you make your daily PnL with bonus calcs(back of the mind).

There are some days when you do make $200K in few mins and some days when you lose $400K in less than a min. I felt like puking on these -400k days. Food is hard to digest. On such days, only thing which makes me smile is some radio murgas/bands while driving back home. But touch-wood, +200k days have by and large outnumbered -400k days. Consistent performance is required to stay afloat and some luck to cruise.

This field does test you both physically and mentally. But I have learnt to cope up on both fronts and with this rigorous routine because I simply love what I do. Trading has become my passion and this is just the beginning as I move to my next pit-stop:: Singapore!!

Take care and God bless!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life Unplugged - 12

Unplugger live from Pune!!!

The raindrops are getting bigger and bigger and pastures going greener and greener with the end of July as I approach one special day. What a ride it has been!!! An interplay of emotions, hide and seek of the loved ones and rise and fall of the fortune. Life has been as pristine as the lake in the last scene in 3 Idiots and as horrendous as the Mumbai blasts. At the end this week I would complete the first marathon (26 miles) of life literally. But still Life is bitch who no one can screw but she has the power to screw everyone else.  Here is a list of 26 life lessons I have learned the hard way or through experience of others thus far at the age of 26.  I pass this list on to you with the simple hope that it makes you think.  Retrospection helps you out clearing few things. Here they come!

1.Investing in friends has higher returns than investing in markets. Friends stand by you while markets don’t when in soup.

2.Have a cousin with whom you can share anything, anywhere, anytime.

3.Kindness and hard work will take you further than intelligence.

4.Emotions are the spices of life. Love-Hate, Anger-Joy Every emotion is vital to make the soup of life tasty.

5.Lose your power, grades, money, loved ones once to know how integral part each one plays in your life.

6.Money makes life easier only when its is yours, free and clear.

7.If you are not married/engaged by 26, either you are confused or not suitable for love marriage or may be, not lucky enough!!

8.The road to losing yourself starts with greed. Greed will eventually bury even the lucky.

9.Respect Nature and treat her as your mother.

10.Winning by humility is the most comprehensive victory. Carelessness is the root of failure.

11.First impressions are mostly fake. It takes at least three meetings to know a person.

12. Mostly, by the time you muster the courage to speak out things, people have left.

13.Life can be fun as an adult when you live life acting as a child. Loose yourself, drive across the city just to get your favourite flavour of ice cream.

14.Good people are often greeted with bad things. What matters is how they even welcome adversities!

15.Uncertainty is caused by a lack of knowledge. Hesitation is the product of fear.

16.Give Time some Time. It heals all wounds regardless of how you feel right now.

17.People deserve a second chance, but not a third.

18.Getting healthy is a gradual process. Do not lose sight of what your body demands.

19.Take lots of pictures. Someday you’ll be really glad you did.

20.Pick up a sport right from the childhood besides cricket. India needs more than that!!

21.Failures are your best teachers in life. They help us understand the dynamics of people.

22.In a conversation, standing by the weaker side will help you understand than otherwise.

23.When letting go is the only option, why postpone it? Make rational decisions and stand by them.

24.More wisdom is distributed at the back benches than the crap at beginning!!

25.Love someone like crazy. Fight with your partner. Leave him/her once. If s/he comes back, I bet won’t get better. Cling and never lose them.

26.To be learnt on 25th when clock strikes 12… :)

Touchwood!! I had the best of friends, family and well wishers and I thank them very much for standing by me during thick and specially during thin. As I take another step in my life, I particularly wrote this so you get a feel how the previous steps have been. See you all sometime, somewhere. Bonne chance!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FlashBack-2010: The Unplugger's Way

It’s 3 a.m. in the wee hours of one of the last December mornings. The tip of the wing is blinking like a red star and the KF bird is about to take off while I ponder what the hell did I do in 2010?

A year of struggle and a total mismatch of expectations. You longed for home made food, a cosy bed and deep afternoon slumbers while your team mates longed for excellent ppts, profs demanded on time submissions and bosses sought for perfect reports. It was a year when mornings started at noons and nights ended with sunrises. I wonder whether I migrated to BPO industry where my clients were my professors and long distance people.

It was a year of trips spread across the length and breadth of the country with warm Punajbis to sophisticated Tamils to bindast Mumbaikars to elegant Gujaratis to happy go lucky Singaporeans. Special thanks to Lucknowites!!! It started from a lonely trip to Varanasi to fun filled trips to Pune and then the Road trips, Rail Trips and Air trips sponsored by ADM.

It was a year where my professors liked me more outside the classes, some wished if they could flunk me(and I promise I was always there to add to their agony). The reasons ranged from deep classroom slumbers to uncanny mischiefs; low attendance to proxies; Xeroxed reports to copied assignments; No hard feelings profs but I guess I had a great time outside the classes.  ;-)

It was a year when I slogged for the biggest agro giant from the corporate offices in Gurgaon to farms in Maharashtra to hedging desk in Mumbai. It was a year when ‘Kisaan’ gave me the lessons of life and a great company. T’was a great summers with you dude!!! The projects sucked my sweat, neurons and ate a great pie from my personal life but trust me it was worth it. I wish the company good luck.

It was a year when life taught me never to give up; no matter even if you are at the fathom. Life always has a master plan for you and would propel you at the right time. The key learnings were show faith and have patience. Life whispered ‘If you have it in you, I have it for you.’

It was a year when I played the game of my life ‘Basketball’ with passion. The excitement to play at home ground; zeal to drive IIFT to victory; penchant to beat the hell out of the opponents is indeed incomparable. I would miss the support showed by IIFTians. It was also a year when Redbull beauties surfaced on the soil of IIFT and people drank more than they did in the rest of their life ;-)

It was also a year of unemployment and employment. The thrill to move from Day 150 to Day 0 and getting two jobs in a year can only be experienced by few people here and I guess I had that pleasure. But I believe I have more to it. Let the coming days unravel...

It was a year when the three musketeers of Socrates put their hearts and souls out in everything they did. It was a year which gave me exposure to entire hierarchy of corporates from secretaires to CEOs. I thank Socrates for making this year more exciting. I thank 11-12 family too for being the backbone all throughout the year.

Finally, a solemn pledge taken a year back is coming to an end. People questioned my will power and even I was doubting whether I could do it. It was indeed a test of patience and conviction when your friends make the most of the freedom and you are tied down by one damn vow which I don’t know why did I take and ponder now, was it worth taking? I guess now only the 3 digit sms could help continuing it.

Everything happens for a reason in life. Don’t try to fathom it out. Just play the game of life with spirit.

The unplugger had an extraordinary year with some extra ordinary people. I wish successes continue to shower on you all as the baton is passed to 2011.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mayur Plywood and I go dark after this.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Life Unplugged - 11

The Swing of Pendulum

Hello Folks,

After the marathon gap, the Unplugger is back in action. The more I unravel the bitch the more cryptic it gets. This occult nature pumps me to intrigue deep into and fathom it out. For past few months Life has been a sojourn from one extreme to another from one low to next high. But usually, we experience these opposites in varying degrees, which makes life more like a pendulum swinging on a fulcrum.

Life is a pendulum hanging from a chain. Every breeze of nature, every comment of persons in society, every event of chance and circumstance affects the motion of your pendulum of Life.  These are cosmic influences that you cannot control. This changes the course of the your life, leaves you in lurch and sometimes even puts you to dust. What really matters is how well you can stabilize your swing of pendulum, how well you can mitigate the variations and how well you can rise in adversity.

Like pendulum life goes through each hour, each season and each phase. It garners experiences, faces defeats, rejoices victories, experiences departures, welcomes new arrivals and teaches to continue the voyage no matter what! After getting bogged down N times, it is the spirit to stand up N+1th time that guides you to success.

Most of the human species I know either wallow about their relishing past memories or are vexed about their future. They miss the golden moment of present. Few lines apt for such morons.

We hope for the future and we curse the past,
never ever being in the golden moment,
Ever we count what we gained and lost,
never ever enjoying the moment that just passed.

As we walk through day, endless thoughts swing from ifs to buts; sway from utopian to present realities and decelerate the progress of life. When such conundrums trouble you, just focus on your key targets and work for them. See what matters to you, check where lies your happiness and then channelize your energy accordingly.

Pendulum swings left pendulum swings right. Life is also about living you choices. Make some right decisions, commit the wrong ones too. Life is more of about the experiences rather attaining the perfection. Even the pendulum stays at the centre the shortest possible time through its entire journey. The people around you are the best people to live life than getting lost in mazes of past and thinking about the perfect ones. Life is not about cribbing, grumbling and receding in disappointment. It is more about praising the deserved ones, learning the right skills and making the right moves.

Life like pendulum swings back and forth between joys and sorrows and weaves the fabric of experience with equal dedication. It is only that for some people joys come in a lot, for some sorrows while for some they are dispersed well. Folks, even I had my pie of sorrows in chunks, and I bet you nothing is more depressing when your most sought after plans come down like house of cards. The spirit to rebuild those castles of cards comes only when you motivate yourself for your targets which should be aligned with your pursuit of happiness.

Pendulum do give us lesson to jive up the life with dance, fun and frolic as it does so while moving from one end to other. The day when pendulums stops swinging will be the day one moves a step closer and finally seek out the divine treasure.

For the unplugger too, the pendulum of life is swinging from one S to another S. It’s time to say good bye and it’s also the time to welcome.

Happy Diwali guys and make your swing count!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life Unplugged - 10

Virtuality takes on Reality…

As I pen this one down sitting beside my window, watching the droplets of rain race from the sky to kiss the earth, Delhi cheers with one more good monsoon. The sky goes grey, winds go cooler and green is the colour of mother earth’s habiliment. Weather can’t be more quixotic and drive through the rain with the special someone is what I wish right now…!!!! But this is what the virtual me thinks of. The real me resides in a more pragmatic world. He knows that everything is just for the moment. There are things to be done and there are people who depend upon one and the purpose of life is still to be met.

The human species have two minds running in parallel. The one which is more optimist and the one which is more conservative and life plays a tug of war with both these heavyweights. One shows you ray of hope and the other covers the ray and uses a torch instead and leads you safely to the end of tunnel. Sometimes you spell your heart out but things don’t materialise. But you feel, things can be achieved with little more persuasion. The judgement whether to give more effort and time to the task  is a result of who wins between the two minds which often goes unnoticed.

Rosy pictures are good. They make us happy and life seems a cakewalk. The optimist mind knowingly beguiles you but the hardheaded one comes to rescue. The conservative one knows the matter-of-fact and helps you draw life plans with these constraints. But one thing I like about rosy one is it makes you think things which are out of your reach and thus inspires the groundbreaking neurons in you. It helps in expanding your boundaries and this is how human evolves. Just like a tier 2 MBA student dreams to drive a BMW after some years into the job. But the ground realities make him feel dejected. The optimist mind goads him to search for new opportunities beside the regular job. Innovation strikes gold when poor chap puts his ideas into business and the conservative’s smile turns upside down.

What creates ruckus in life is when one mind tries to dominate the other. Many have tried to draw the optimal mind balance ratio but to their dismay. Both minds are individual tigers and no one has to be fiddled with else it backfires. Let them sort out themselves and by this way you reach your auto-equilibrium of mind. Virtuality makes you think you are going the right way at a good pace and things are falling in place(good job, exciting love life, mesmerising growth rate of salary, profound knowledge) while the reality takes you to ground zero vis-à-vis with your current snapshot of life (does the job drive you to work, is the love real, is the salary worth to forfeit small tantalizing things one does in life, isn’t there more to be learnt in this world?).  

The optimist gives you freedom the conservative gives you caution. Life often faces dilemmas as both minds get adamant at times and trouble starts when one fails to resolve the deadlock. But there is always a master key for life and I guess every carries it. Use the key, resolve the situation and have the maximum fun in life as these droplets of water are having with petals of flowers after the showers bathed Delhi. Life can be more exciting if you loosen yourself, challenge you imaginations, fall in love and rise in it too. Have a lovely monsoon  and Happy friendship day to you folks. Let the minds be at peace!! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life Unplugged - 9

At Crossroads of life....

With less than a week to go in for my silver jubilee existence on this very mother earth, I find myself again at the crossroads of life. I am delighted to what I have done in this very life. But there always lied a fear whether the step am taking will put me on the right path. I tell you once you develop the finesse in this judgement making process, life is a cakewalk. But the hard fact is we have to deal with situations by our conjectures only. Certainty in decision making is a distant dream.

I feel most of you may have been at crossroads of life at some point or the other. Question like "Is this the way to go?" must have pested your soul like a thorn. I tell you relief comes only when you get a big “Yes” for a particular direction among the options (at crossroads) else the ambiguity kills your soul like hell for the entire journey. If you do a retrospection of the decisions you have taken and where they have landed you in, it gives you enough cues for which paths to choose in near future. But this all comes at cost of experiences which eat your life time. So how to reduce the cost and be economical?

If life is a journey, where are we headed for? And if we can answer that, how do we get there? What road, path, course do we take? And what's our means of transportation? In choosing our course, we need to keep in our minds our goals.  Life is full of small modules. The essence lies in completing these small modules and then connecting them. So whenever we get ourselves at cross roads, we need to identify which module are we in and how does it lead to our ultimate goal. Sometimes bypassing a particular module makes sense too. This helps in reducing uncertainty while making decisions.

Despite reassurances life does not offer guarantees. It is capricious. Nice cars, a good education and a high IQ don’t mean things will go smoothly. When standing at life’s crossroads you don’t necessarily know which way is the best. One road may mean happiness, another adventure, and yet another means safety and security. It takes heart to be alive in the world. You have both, courage and heart; do not be afraid to express either. You need to be bold when confronted with few dilemmas and you need to be alert at the same time. One may get too overwhelmed by the situation which may lead you to pick the wrong path(This is one of most common reasons why people fail to break the crossroads jinx.) These carrefours are the test of your character. Initially at crossroads, we may not the hit bull’s eye in choosing the right path  but the sooner we learn the better we get.

Crossroads are must. Life is too tad without them. And I tell you, once you know how to break the code, you will relish being at crossroads. But the most important part of the whole story is you should not forget that you are not alone in this whole journey. Helping co-passengers, guiding the lost ones and motivating the hopeless ones make your voyage more satisfying. I know “competition” is the word which makes you do all the wrong things but there is something bigger than that which you guys know better!!!

It’s a sayonara from the Unplugger who gets ready for a double 25 on the coming one. :) I wish my doll makes it here. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

XY vs XX

Note: The blog covers human species with 99% confidence interval and exceptions prove the rule.

Gals and Boys! Both, very much human, full of life and almost same intelligence level(no pun intended). No one is from Venus and no one is from Mars. It’s pretty much the same mother Earth. Both love to go to movies, have friends, good food, and get rendered with good education. So what sets them apart besides the XX and XY combos of chromosomes?

Well, I tell u , the Almighty played with us by providing two, almost identical machines who intake food, oxygen, water and education in same volume but produce very different characteristics of behaviour, emotions, temperament (wildly substantiated by their shopping frequencies). Let’s unravel how the species add spices to life which otherwise would have been a humdrum without a proper mix.

Some facts:

1)Two boys can complete a journey without opening their lips and it needs a feviquick for the fairer version.

2)Two gals can make a mussy hostel a home, while a single boy is enough for the reverse.

3)Gals feel more concerned during the last years of their education(parents pressure), while boys feel more liberated unless tied down by neck belt by… :P

4)Gals are after boys and boys are after gals. One is always in the hunt of one level more and that makes the story more interesting and lively. (The rule is called “flight for greed”.)

5)True love exits and I believe in the principle of unlike charges attract each other.

6)Gals breathing same levels of oxygen till date show more level of responsibility and maturity. But even guys can show when entrusted but are no volunteers.

7)Dressing sense: It has to be matching for gals, while for boys it has to be just covering.

8)Boys can be better cooks (credit to innate skills) but gals turn out to be more consistent ones.

Both gals and boys want to strike a conversation with each other. Initially one shows attitude and other reverts it with interest and net result: Intensity to converse grows(if the level equation matches and flight to greed is satisfied else the battle is lost b4 the start) Most of the times the pity version(boys) give up(to break the ice) and then starts the game of master and slave(not the circuit version of electronics). But ideally, it's the game when one needs support and other lends the helping hand and the connect evolves. I believe that's what we call friendship.

Quarrels are part and parcel when such friendship begins. That’s perfectly alright and as I said above, boys have some qualities which don’t resonate with gals and it takes some time to settle. But the funny part is when both have such a fight, one becomes the dog and other turns into a bitch. I wonder how fast humans change races and even genes. Now the bridging exercise is required which boys are pathetic at and gals egos’ play the deterrents :P(can be viceversa). So the story hangs in between earth and sky, but as of now it’s a bye.

Chao, tc folks!!!

Yours truly,
Life Unplugger.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello Folks,

The Unplugger will be back with a new topic called "Boys and Gals". But the wait will be a little longer as my life is in an attack mode. Lemme reply the bitch(Life) hard and come back. Till then you guys and gals have the time of your life because after that Gals will more be gals and Boys will more be men :)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life Unplugged - 8

The interplay of emotions

How many of you have started a new activity (such as a personal project or exercise routine) with a burst of enthusiasm, only to see that initial momentum evaporates? This often leads to depression and causes us to give up prematurely. I’ve experienced this letdown dozens of times in my life. But fortunately, with a bit of thought and reflection one can turn this negative emotion around. The key to harnessing your emotions is understanding them. The natural pattern of our emotion is peaks and valleys. When we start a new project we’re filled with tremendous optimism. All we can think about is the expected benefits, and since we haven’t started yet, we aren’t aware of the difficulties involved. This natural high causes a surge of mental and physical activity. The peak is a great thing because the energy boost sets off the project. You feel like nothing can stop you. Then starts the drama of our bi**h(Life) with minor obstacles and snowballs into a thunderstorm of negativity.

The downside of this surge of energy is that it inevitably ends. Exerting large amounts of quick energy doses, the initial optimism wears off. Confidence takes a beating and motivation goes for a toss. The combination of fatigue, scant results, and an awareness of impending adversity makes us want to give up and motivation goes for a down ride. Emotions, by nature, lose their power when we understand them. Prove this to yourself. Next time you get angry, take a moment. Step back and reflect upon yourself. Look at the causes. Are you tired, burned out, disappointed by the results? Are these feelings justified, or are they a by product of a low point in the emotional spectrum?

To overcome this prepare yourself for a letdown. Know your emotions, understand your emotional pattern and be prepared for an initial emotional peak to pass. Mostly, optimism would give way to depression. In the back of your mind, foresee the impending motivational battle and the faith crisis in your ability to take it to end.

The passing of an emotional peak is a blessing in disguise because it allows you to revaluate your plans from a fresh perspective. At first you are blinded by your own optimism. Such motivation crisis drives away the Dhritarashtra from you and makes you look around 360. Guys, either get down on ourselves and give up, or use these negative emotions to discover your faults and rectify them. Revisit all the negatives thoughts you had and apply them to this crisis. Be realistic about your abilities and expectations. Emotional valleys bring us back to reality. Without them we’d be raving lunatics with unlimited self-confidence.

One reason people digress is that they became too concerned with the financial aspect and lose the theme of life. Know your passion and realign your motivation with it. It won’t be a cakewalk but your goals will be the carrot to take you forward and I bet nothing beats the joy of meeting your set goals and basking in the shining drops of sweat.

In truth, sometimes giving up is the right decision. If you started doing something for the wrong reasons you’ll likely lose your motivation. This is a good thing. It allows us to see what really motivates us. In these cases, the best choice is to move on to a new endeavour. Don’t fight self doubt, use it for your benefit.

We generally accept our emotions as beyond our control. They are powerful and mysterious and appear quite irrational. But if we contemplate our emotions, if we explore the inner workings of our minds, we find that like all things, emotions obey the law of cause and effect. Armed with this knowledge, we can continue to allow our emotions to dominate our lives, or we can use them to our benefit.

What I learnt in the last few days is learning the hard way embosses the lesson for the lifetime. But to be on the fast track one needs to look around and learn from others’ emotional breakdowns, others’ goof-ups. Even sharing your stupidity sometimes help. You can get new angles which you haven’t even thought of. What life has taught me is never be shy in sharing the knowledge.

The Unplugger takes your leave with some lines…

Nothing quenches thirst like water, nothing is as refreshing as sleep, nothing is as comforting as a friend’s shoulder in a sob and nothing is as divine as nap in the mother’s lap. Guys it’s family time for me. Will be meeting 40 cousins, (both sides) in a span of one week. This is from Tony. “When it rains, it pours.” :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life Unplugged - 7

Hello Folks,

It’s happy spring from the Unplugger. I know it has been long but it’s worth the wait. Life was playing the game of see-saw and I was deep into the ocean of dilemmas. Conundrums are good for life but I almost got suffocated in them. Bruised and razed, somehow, I arose out of them, the past weekend. Now you must be wondering why am I beating around the bush. It was magical and it was none other than Barbie.

Every human has carved a specific life for himself but hardly one’s plans fall in place as designed. After breathing oxygen for two dozens years, rarely I have seen the perfect engineer of life. Different weights are set for different elements like success, leisure, love, family and solitude. The variations in the above ingredients results into different recipes of life. Even though one attains the desired combination at some junction in life, the quest for perfection drives people more. This in turn takes the value curve of life for a down-ride. People forget emotions, values and principles and materialism takes its ugly form.

I have seen many friends, relatives and even the Barbie run after perfections or the best fits. The craving for the best is like swimming in whirlpool which takes you deeper and deeper and people lose control over desires. The ladder of desires starts from Lux moves to Dove and then to Dior and it never stops. But four brothers sharing Lifebuoy for bath at village’s lake: Priceless.

What I exactly mean is you miss the beauty of life when you run after perfections. The real charm of the bi**h called life is turning imperfections into the magical ones, turning Bihar into Gujarat, turning Dharavi into clean labour centres, turning yokels into gentlemen, instead of running after the perfections or best available resources. I bet most of you like underdogs metamorphosing into heroes than heroes becoming heroes. But why don’t we carry the same philosophy in the real life. Why we try to stay away from the imperfections like beggars, disabled or the crooked ones.

The real spirit of a person is seen in how s/he deals with these imperfections. I have two friends and they showed how obtuse humans can be. One just tipped the flanking poor child and other stopped had a word with the child and made the lil champ comfortable with life. Very few people have this egalitarian eye which sees people as people. These are the ones who can screen your souls like anything. They just sieve the materialism from the humanism and gives rise to new kind of mankind. I wish if every one of us treats the every other with the same eye.

The day when the amount of satisfaction one gets in helping others super cedes the satisfaction derived from self-help, my job is done. I can foresee people hurling questions on the practicality of the above “Gyan”. Well life is not about living it king size but the right size.(as it goes with the inner wears :P) I hope my reasoning sounds well. Life is not walking past the finish line alone but about setting the right tone and always be in the fun zone.

Some one said “Try your luck now”. And I did. To say the least, it was enamouring, charming, and really touching. I fought over petty issues, twisted one’s hand, visited women’s section more than I did in my lifetime, hurled stones at bunch of dogs at 12 am and even woofed with the bunch till I got the commute. Sometimes people go “crazy” and but the word is reflecting in life again and again and I wonder is this the magic which Barbie creates?

Guys and their gals lemme chao for now as I accede to the internship program.

The more you miss it the stronger it becomes......

Happy Unplugging :)